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Mariupol Central City Office

Nikita Bielokopytov

Mariupol is The Hero City of Ukraine. The Siege of Mariupol is an ongoing military engagement between Russia and Ukraine which began on 24 February 2022, during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, as part of the Eastern Ukraine offensive.

Stand with Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine and launched a criminal war against it.

In the first two months, the occupier’s missiles and fighter jets destroyed thousands of Ukrainian homes, schools, and hospitals. Millions of Ukrainians have lost their living space. But you can help them get it back. Buy 3D models of Ukrainian schools, hospitals, homes of the future. This NFT collection was created by leading architects and studios from around the world. All the money raised will go to a special fund for the reconstruction of Ukrainian cities.



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Fund Onova

Fund to restore Ukrainian cities

Onova foundation was created to restore the infrastructure of Ukrainian cities, which was destroyed as a result of Russian aggression in 2022. The purpose of the fund is to help the state and local authorities to rebuild the most important infrastructure facilities - kindergartens, schools, hospitals and cultural centers. The foundation provides development of modern architectural projects in cooperation with Ukrainian and European architects.